romapada swami
romapada swami

HH Romapada Swami

Romapada Swami‘s first encounter with Krishna consciousness came in Buffalo,
in the shape of a lecture at the State University of New York in 1969. The
lecturer was His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. The
following year, Romapada Swami joined the movement in Boston and was
initiated in 1971. Despite being admitted as a pre-med student, he decided
to follow his spiritual path 100% and never looked back. He took sannyasa in
1983 and became an initiating spiritual master in 1985. In 1992 he began
serving as a member of the GBC.

His devotional career began with book distribution, college outreach and
temple leadership for over a decade. His first role as president came at
the TP of the Manhattan temple (1977-78), then as regional secretary for
New England (1979-82), and then again as president of the Brooklyn temple
(1982-83). From 1996 up to 2008, he served continuously as the chairman of
the North American Executive Committee (NA EC), and he was the chairman of
the GBC EC in 2009-2010. Romapada Swami has GBC zonal assignments in New
York, New Jersey, the New England states in Northeast USA as well as the
Midwest USA.

Inspired by his experiences wherein GBC members regularly shared their daily
meeting deliberations with the devotees present in Mayapur, Romapada Swami
regularly shares with ISKCON audiences the extensive progressive work which
the GBC is currently performing to strengthen the future to the Society, and
he tries to actively involve capable persons to participate in the dynamic
strategic planning work of the GBC.

In his efforts to share Krishna consciousness with others, Romapada Swami
draws on the benefits he himself gained from the University outreach
programs he attended in the 1960s. Thus, he continues to encourage programs
that fulfill students’ spiritual needs. He has spearheaded the creation of
numerous Krishna-conscious student organizations in reputed institutions
such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of
Illinois, Northeastern Univ (Boston), Northwestern Univ (Chicago), and
Penn State Univ, to name but a few.

Bridging the gap between secular society and inner life, Romapada Swami
conducts presentations on topics such as “Stress Management,” “Spiritual
Economics,” and “Science and Spirituality” within the US corporate sector.
Some of the companies in receipt of his training are Intel, Microsoft, Ford
Motor Co., Lucent, Cisco and Fanny Mae.

Programs for youth and children are very important to Romapada Swami, as
Devotee Care is one of his areas of concern. He has actively inspired Soul
Connection youth groups in Chicago and St Louis, along with multiple youth
Gita Summer Camps in the area where he travels.

Under Romapada Swami’s guidance, congregational groups of devotees of
Krishna have grown in many places in the US and abroad, including Chicago,
Washington DC, St. Louis, Detroit, New York, New Jersey, Houston, Orlando,
Tennessee, Boston, China, Hyderabad and Guyana.

For over thirty years, multiple annual retreats have been conducted by
Romapada Swami at the Gita Nagari Farm as well as other venues. Since Gita
Nagari was originally purchased as “the NY Farm”, for decades Romapada Swami
has invested sustained input to help develop the infrastructure of Gita Nagari.

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